About the Circle

The Circle of Joy (COJ) Giving Circle is a philanthropic vehicle that promotes collective giving. As a group, members of the Circle pool their contributions and strategically invest in improving the quality of life for the youth of the Atlanta Metro Area. COJ provides financial resources to organizations and programs based on specific criteria established by the Circle members.

Giving circles are a resurgence of an old tradition of philanthropy that has been making an impact nationwide. Giving circles provide an opportunity for individuals to join others through collective charitable giving.

The mission of the Circle of Joy is to pool our time, talent, and treasure to partner with agencies who are impacting youth (ages 4 - 18) in the Metro Atlanta Area.


(a) To educate its donors/members about the power of collective philanthropy.

(b) To broaden its donors/members' awareness of issues affecting youth in the Atlanta Metro Area.

(c) To make investments in nonprofits and community-based organizations engaged in impacting youth to have a positive future.

(d) To expand philanthropy and increase giving.

(e) Circle of Joy intends to provide for its future by continually attracting new participating members.


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